Federico Romano was born in Rome in 1988. 
After the bachelor degree in Industrial Design at “Isia Roma” and a professional course at “Scuola Romana di Fotografia”, Federico moves to Berlin to work for few years. Back to Italy in 2013, he completely dedicates to documentary photography, starting a masterclass of photojournalism at “Officine Fotografiche” and realizing his first reportage about emergency shelters/housing in the Italian capital. The project is been exhibited at the 10th Edition of FotoLeggendo, at the Umbria World Fest 2014, Officine Fotografiche and published by L’Espresso magazine.

His professional career keeps on collaborating with the documentary photographer Davide Monteleone, for one year.
In 2016 Federico is been selected in a mentorship program, by the agency Parallelozero.

Currently, he is a photographer, documentary film maker and contributor at Zona.
He has worked in Italy, east Europe and Africa and published by L'Espresso, Courrier International, Io Donna among other magazines.

In the past years, he has worked jointly with Emiliano Mancuso as director in the making of the documentary film "Le Cicale" edited by Aline Hervè, with the original music by Angelo Olivieri and sound design by Giuseppe D'Amato, produced by Zona. A storytelling about the effects of the Italian economical crisis to senior people with low pension income. The film has been selected at the 4th edition of the international documentary festival "Visioni dal Mondo - Immagini dalla Realtà" in Milan.

In his works, Federico prefers topics connected to social, politic and economic changes in Italy and foreign countries.


2018 LA CASA DEL CINEMA - "Le Cicale". Rome, IT.
2018 CINEMA BELTRADE - "Le Cicale". Milan, IT.
2018 CINEMA TERMINALE - "Le Cicale". Prato, IT.


2017 MACRO TESTACCIO - "Le Cicale" curated by Giulia Tornari - ZONA. Rome, IT.
2017 OFFICINE FOTOGRAFICHE - "Housing Emergency" curated by Tiziana Faraoni. Rome, IT.
2015 UMBRIA WORLD FEST - "Housing Emergency" curated by Emilio D'Itri. Foligno, IT.
2014 NAKED CITY PROJECT - "Housing Emergency multimedia". Rome, IT.
2014 FOTOLEGGENDO - "Housing Emergency" curated by Sara Carlet. Rome, IT.

Carboneria Studio
Via S. Genesio, 5
00162 Rome - IT

Telephone: +39 328 8015849
Email: info@federicoromano.com
Instagram: federico.romano